How we began

a miracle of sorts


The concept for The Healing Springs Journal had been on my mind for a long while. Even so, in 2001 when a friend asked me if I wanted a computer his company was giving away I said no. 

Months later, I was talking to Mark Tolstrup of The Tai Chi Center and he mentioned our community needed a holistic newsletter of sorts. I had the skills and enthusiasm to create that and told him so. Only weeks later did I remember the offer of a computer and called that friend. Miraculously, he still had it in his car waiting for its new home. This computer had Quark, Photoshop, and Word already loaded and gave me the instrument to create.

Another couple months later I called Michael Wayne, a local acupuncturist, to tell him my idea. He suggested I come to a newly forming group of practitioners. Everyone in that group supported the effort and in April, 2002 The Healing Springs Journal was born. 

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